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Shentry Show Entry Management
We have been using Shentry for 3 years now. When I began my role as Secretary of the Maffra Show we had no online entry system and relied on the mail system to receive entries. For the 4 weeks prior to our Show I would be absorbed in opening envelopes, typing up entries and banking cheques. We have found the Shentry online entry system to be a huge time and money saver. In our first year of using Shentry (last year) we had over 65% of entries done online. This indicates the ease with which entrants found the system and resulted in an enormous saving of my time in processing the entries and reconciling our banking. We also found that the $1,200 we spent on entry forms will no longer be required this year and plan to reduce our printing and waste costs further over time in subsequent years. I have found Mark to be very accommodating when using Shentry. He was available 24/7 (almost) to answer questions or solve problems. He has managed to find and develop innovative solutions to the complex requirements of agricultural shows entries and record keeping. This year we are hoping to be able to have our results done (by school students helping our stewards) on Shentry which will further reduce our recording time requirements and also develop our younger Show enthusiasts. The Maffra Agricultural Society highly regards the Shentry online system and would thoroughly recommend its use for all types of shows.

Michael Coggan
Secretary Maffra Agricultural Society 2019

Independant Learning Time (ILT) Management System
Independent Learning Time (ILT) is one of the pillars behind the educational philosophy at St John Paul II College. The Independent Learning Time website has revolutionised the way in which students plan their Independent Learning Time and allows us as staff to efficiently monitor their progress. Traditionally, students would complete paper copies of their plan for ILT time, however, through the online planning site students are able to edit, monitor and track their progress at the click of a finger. This system has empowered teachers, parents and carers, enabling them to observe their students planning skills over time. With the added flexibility of the website developed by Shentry, we as a staff have the ability to automate grouping of students, allowing us to effectively differentiate and have the ability to cap ILT spaces for certain number of numbers. From the conception of the website to the implementation and having staff and students use this website Mark from Shentry has always provided the best quality service and flexibility providing a tailored system that has dramatically improved St John Paul II Colleges capacity to deliver effective ILT for the students. With the Independent Learning Time platform taking care of our administration we have seen an increase in student capacity to plan and allows us to continue to develop rich Independent Learning Time tasks for the students within our College.

Nicholas Whatman
St John Paul II College, Canberra